OROP 2   Official Table Published  by  MoD on 20  Jan 2023  Check your Pension Now 

Rank and Service Wise Table Available in the official website of DESW  or check it from our website now

Increase of pension  according to length of service and rank has been rationalised 

Govt has finally calculated your entitlement and released the Rankwise Pension Table

We extend heartiest Congratulations o our veterans for acheivement of long waiting OROP Revision 2

Now your turn to check your pension according to the table published by the MoD

The qustion is when will you get your OROP Arrears ?  Will it be available before End of this financcial year

Family pensioners and War widows/ Galantary Award Winner Pensionsers will get priority to get Arrears 

Lets Enjoy and hope forr the best to get the Arrears of OROP soon. Jai Hind